Q: I upload torrents but they don`t appear? Why?
A: All torrents that are uploaded by regular users (just registered) are checked manually and it make take too much time sometimes.
If you want to become a trusted uploader and get your torrents verified at the first time and get it appear within 1-2 hours you must become a trusted uploader. To become a trusted uploader you need:
First of all you need to register on Torrentbit
We have a single registration form for the site and forum, so by registering on the forum you are registered on the site at the same time.
Thus you become a regular user-uploader.
Then if you want to become a trusted uploader please login here for example https://torrentbit.unblock.su/uploads/
and go to your User Control Panel (User CP) here
Use the link Group Memberships on your left menu to submit a join request to "Trusted torrent uploaders" group. Please provide some reason why you think you can become a trusted uploader and you will be approved soon.

Q: What is Torrentbit.net?
A: Torrentbit.net is a torrent upload/indexing/download site.

Q: Do I have to pay for downloading torrents from Torrentbit.net?
A: No, Torrentbit.net is absolutely free to use.

Q: Is Torrentbit.net a torrent tracker?
A: No, Torrentbit.net is not a tracker.